No Face Mask? No Problem - These Alternatives will Keep You and Others Protected.

No Face Mask? No Problem - These Alternatives will Keep You and Others Protected.

Covid-19 has become the most difficult period of recent times because of its severity and consequences. It has caused global changes to our lifestyles. But, due to the disastrous effects on global economies, many countries are ending mandatory quarantines. With more of us heading back out and about, it is now more important than ever to wear protective face coverings.

Wearing a face mask is one of the most effective ways to stay protected against the pandemic, because face coverings help to prevent us from being exposed to others respiratory droplets, germs and other pollutants.   

But, since the outbreak, wearing a mask has become a topic of contention. Some people are against wearing a mask because they do not feel comfortable in them. Many complain that their mask keeps moving and constantly needs to be repositioned. Others experience the common problem of their mask getting loose around the ears after just a few wears. For reasons such as these, people are now seeking alternatives to the face mask and many are turning to the face shield to keep themselves and others protected.

Why Choose a Face Shield?

Face shields have become a favorite alternative to masks for many people, depending on one’s personal preferences. And, the case for choosing face shields grows stronger by the day, as wearers continue to discover their many benefits: 

  • Face Shields are Easier to Wear
  • Undoubtedly, the best part about face shields is that they are so easy to wear. Simply fix your shield to any hat or head piece to gain total coverage and protection against germs. Face shields are also very lightweight, making them extremely comfortable.

  • Reduce the Risk of Infection
  • Wearing a face shield is one of the most effective ways of reducing the exposure to the virus droplets, which can easily penetrate through many of the fabrics used to make masks. A plastic face shield covers the entire face including eyes, nose, and mouth, greatly decreasing the overall risk of catching the virus. 

  • Better Option for Those Who Cannot Wear a Mask
  • There are several valid reasons that certain people cannot wear a face mask. Some have medical conditions and suffer from respiratory diseases that make is unsafe to cover the mouth. A face shield is the perfect alternative for those people, allowing them to stay protected from the virus, without having to further sacrifice their health.

  • Durable and Reusable
  • Face shields last longer than any other protective piece of clothing. This is because we can reuse them again and again after simply disinfecting or washing them with plain soap and water. They can be easily dried and cleaned, even if one wants to wash it daily after use. 

  • Prevents Frequent Face Touching
  • The problem with masks is that because they can move around on the face and slip or become itchy,  people are regularly adjusting their mask with their hands. Touching the face frequently means being largely exposed to contamination and germs. With face shields, it becomes easier to move around without experiencing frequent itching or irritation on the face. Also, face shields are designed in a way that they can easily fit it on the face or be attached to the hat, no matter what your face shape or size.

  • Communication Becomes Easier
  • With face shields, it becomes so much more convenient to communicate, because we can see each other. While wearing a mask it becomes impossible to see the lips or to understand facial expressions. More importantly, we miss out on getting to see each other smile!

    Where Can I Buy a Face Shield?

    It is now easier than ever to purchase protective face shields. Unlike many types of masks, shields are readily available from many online retailers so you do not have to worry about a shortage.

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    What is PPE?

    Personal Protective Equipment, also known as PPE, is equipment that protects the wearer against the health and safety risks arising within the workplace. It comprises items such as safety helmets, gloves, eye protection, high-visibility clothing, safety footwear, and safety harnesses. It can also include respiratory protective equipment (RPE).


    Why is PPE important?

    To make the workplace safe and sound for all employees, it is important to provide instructions, procedures, supervision, and training to encourage personal safety. Personal protective clothing and equipment is most commonly required for healthcare workers and engineers working in contaminated environments, chemical factories, and drug-making factories. PPE can also be used by any other business that must expose its employees to contamination and pollution. 

    It is also important to remember that all employees must be adequately trained to use their PPE correctly and to know how to recognize any potential faults in their protective gear.

    Types of PPE

    The following are the personal protective clothing options for each part of the body.

    1. Mask to cover face and mouth - One can either use a surgical mask, which prevents germs from getting in nose and mouth, or special respiratory masks that form a tight seal around the face and mouth. 
    2. Gloves for hands - We use our hands constantly throughout the day, so hands can become one of the main culprits when accidentally spreading germs or toxic materials.
    3. Eye protection – This includes face shields and goggles. Keeping the eyes covered helps to protect the mucous membranes in the eyes from germs and other toxic bacteria.
    4. Clothing – There are many options to cover and protect the body including gowns, aprons, head coverings, full body hazmat suits and shoe coverings. 

    Selection and Use

    While selecting personal protective clothing and equipment the following situations need to be evaluated, such as the extent of employee exposure, duration of exposure, and which employees are being exposed to threatening conditions. It is also important to choose products that are CE marked, and to ensure that the person wearing the PPE has the correct size and fit for their height, weight and body type. When using more than one PPE garment or product you must ensure that all items can be used together and that one item will not disturb the functionalities of any other. Training and following instructions is very important while using PPE. The users must know proper procedures on how to wear, use, and remove the PPE.


    Personal protective equipment should be properly stored and looked after when not in use. It is also important to keep replacement PPE available at all times, along with assigning a person to be responsible for proper maintenance. Special waste containers for discarded PPE should be put in place, and should differ from other waste containers. Laundry containers of personal protective clothing should also be kept separate from normal laundry containers. It is equally important to keep a strict check and balance on who is using personal protective clothing. Also, areas that require protective clothing must display proper signs and indications.


    Because of the severity of COVID, we must all understand and realize how important it is for all of us to stay protected, not only for ourselves, but also for those around us. No matter which protective clothing you choose, ensure that you maintain it properly and follow the precautions of reuse and disposal. This will further help to protect the environment and hopefully will prevent further outbreak of this deadly disease. We must try to encourage each other during these gloomy times to stay hopeful and wait patiently for better times to come. 

    Let us know which protective measure are you taking for yourself and those around you?

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