15 Women of Color to Follow (Black Women) on Instagram

Representation and visibility across all media realms are more critical now than ever because positive models will inspire little black girls and other girls of color to aspire to greatness and reach their full potential. 

Here we compile a list of women of color to follow who are cultural icons, trendsetters, and role models all in their rights. 

1: Ava DuVernay @ava 

Ava DuVernay is a director, writer, and filmmaker. Many of her works have made her the highest-gaining African-American women director in history. Talk about inspiring women of color to follow. 

She is also a testament that it is never too late to take up a hobby and be great at it, seeing as she only started with the camera at thirty-two. She has always been forthright with her views about racial prejudice in America, and her critically acclaimed documentary film 13th is there to prove it. 

2: Rachel Elizabeth Cargle @rachel.cargle

Mental health issues were not as talked about openly until recent years, and this is only made possible with some of the works of people like Rachel Cargle, one women of color to follow on IG. 

Rachel Cargle is a writer and philanthropist focusing on mental health help and womanhood. She founded The Loveland Foundation, Inc in 2018 to offer free therapy for her fellow Black women and girls. 

Follow her on IG for your daily dose of beautiful writing, inspiration, and updates on her current ventures and philanthropic innovation. 

There is no shame in pursuing help; we always have to remember that. 

3: Zeba Blay @zebablay

Another writer in this roster of amazing Black Women is Zeba Blay, one women of color to follow. She is a Ghanian American culture writer and critic who coined the term Carefree Black Girls to represent alternative representation out of the media appropriation of the Black women image. 

She wrote a book about many topics that explores issues on colorism, her work as a journalist, Cardi B., and the policing of women of color's bodies titled Carefree Black Girls: A Celebration of Black Women in Pop Culture. 

Indeed a voice for the young and modern women of color in the world.  

4: Yara Shahidi @yarashahidi

Yara Shahidi is an actress, model, student, and activist who started her career in acting on commercials at six. She is one of TIME Magazine's "The 30 Most Influential Teens of 2016." Indeed an inspiration for young women of color to follow

Her activism ranges from encouraging the youth to vote and ending poverty with education. Because of her tireless work on these issues, Michelle Obama wrote a letter of recommendation for her to Harvard University, where she is now double majoring in Sociology and African American Studies. 

Today she is working with the luxury brand Dior to tackle issues concerning women. 

5: Cleo Wade @cleowade

Our next pure Black Girl Magic women of color to follow is Cleo Wade, an artist, a poet, an author, and an activist and advocate for female empowerment. Her writing, art, and poetry are also deeply rooted in her advocacies. 

She gave a TED talk in 2017 about how caring for one another is the key to changing the world as a whole. This particular TED talk has already amassed 1.5 million views on the site. 

Cleo Wade advocates for pro-choice causes and uses her platform to talk about her engagement with Planned Parenthood. 

6: Charlotte Simpson @travelingblackwidow

If you are looking for your next holiday spot and want to smile and be inspired in the process, let Charlotte Simpson, the woman behind Traveling Black Widow inspire you, the sixth on our list of women of color to follow

After Charlotte Simpson's husband of thirty-one years passed away, Charlotte kept on with life and became the inspiring globetrotter she is today. She is a solo traveler who occasionally meets up with her daughter, and she is proof that you do not have to stop living once you have reached your 60s. 

Charlotte has been able to visit at least 80 countries and continues to do so. 

7: Indya Moore @indyamoore

Indya Moore is an actor, model, and social activist widely known for her groundbreaking role as Angel Evangelista in the Emmy Winning TV series Pose. 

Indya is transgender and non-binary and uses the pronouns they and them and she and her. TIME magazine named them one of the one hundred of the most influential people globally, and Indya is also a current brand ambassador for Yves Saint Laurent Beauty. 

Indya uses their big Instagram following to tackle issues and raise awareness of the marginalized, body autonomy, and race and trans issues. Indeed an intersectional ally and a role model for all women of color to follow. 

8: Thithi Nteta @travelgirlboss

Another women of color to follow in this list for all the wanderers out there is Thithi Nteta, the woman behind the Instagram account and blog of travelgirlboss. 

Thithi hails from South Africa in Johannesburg, and her IG profile is full of Pinterest-worthy travel shots and glamorous portraits. Her sense of style is effortless and exudes a sense of simplicity and smart basics. 

Aside from being a world traveler, she also co-hosts a podcast show called The Life Things, a lighthearted podcast that inspires and talks about living and other things.  

9: Tomi Obebe @GoodTomiCha

Tomi Obebe of the goodtomicha IG and blog handle is the ninth women of color to follow on our list of Black women to follow. She is a fashion and lifestyle blogger who managed to turn a blogging hobby into a full-blown career. 

One of her objectives is to inspire and inform other women of color that blogging and succeeding at it is possible. Her IG is full of her life, makeup, skincare, fashion, and business advice and tips. 

She also co-hosts a podcast called Content Culture, an entertaining opinion-based commentary on pop culture. 

10: Skylar Marshai @skylarmarshai

The tenth women of color to follow in our list is a woman who can do it all, Brooklyn-based, creative strategist, content creator, and storyteller Skylar Marshai. 

Skylar makes the content relatable to many women of color, highlighting the many independent brands she works with. Aside from that, she is also a consultant for brands to put their ideas to fruition as well as helping them with their creative strategies. 

Her Instagram is a bible to everything she loves, from travel to design and photography. 

11: Nzinga Young @veganzinga

If you are working to be more sustainable with your eating habits and your whole lifestyle in general, follow Nzinga Young or veganzinga on Instagram and get inspired to explore the many culinary possibilities of veganism in her recipes and posts. 

She is hugely influential around the movement, has written about her experience and the topic on HuffPost, and has spoken at many veganism conferences and conventions worldwide. 

Undoubtedly one of the best women of color to follow on Instagram. 

12: Janea Brown @jnaydaily

If you are looking for recommendations on making your home the beautiful oasis that would inspire you every day, check out these women of color to follow on our list by Janae Brown on Instagram. 

The North Carolina native and Brooklyn-based influencer is a ray of sunshine in social media. What started as a blog to disseminate her affordable home pieces and furniture finds has grown to a two hundred thousand counting community on Instagram. 

13: Dayna Bolden @daynabolden

Dayna Bolden is the next inspiring women of color to follow on our list. Dayna is a mom, a host, a model, a CEO of her own media company Bolden Creative Media, and a beauty and lifestyle blogger from Baltimore, Maryland. 

Many of her posts aim to inspire women not to stop dreaming alone but to move full-on to go after them. Did we mention that she co-wrote a bestselling children's book with her young daughter? 

Truly one of the most inspirational Black women in social media

14: Shelby Ivey Christie @bronze_bombshel

If fashion and history are your cups of tea, combine the best of both worlds and check out this woman of color to follow by the name of Shelby Ivey Christie. Shelby is a fashion and design historian focusing on the many contributions of Black designers to the history of fashion. 

She is often trending on Twitter because of the many unknown and often overlooked facts about many obscure black designers and personalities throughout history that she shares on the platform. One of the smartest women of color on social media. 

15: Boss Chick Life @bosschicklife

The last in the group of women of color to follow in our list is our account on Instagram at Boss Chick Life. We are a group of females of color providing all boss chicks out there luxury clothing options that would put the spring on your steps in your day-to-day activities, whether going to the office or vacationing. 

We are dedicated to empowering and uplifting women of color to feel confident in their skin. Every piece is designed and handpicked to fit the style and swagger of black women like us and all other women of color because we believe that we are all beautiful in our unique ways. 

Final Thoughts 

And there you have it Boss Chick Life's list of women of color to follow. There are many other Black women on social media and other women of color on social media so if you feel like you have a favorite, let it be known. 

Uplift women and they are sure to make a difference and also lift a woman below them up to greatness. 

Author bio: Nikki is a fashion enthusiast and loves things about clothing, style, and fashion in general. She loves writing about the latest fashion trends and updates that everyone must know.

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