Will Women of Colors Ever Rule the World? Find Out Here

Will Women of Colors Ever Rule the World? Find Out Here
It's nice to think about women of colors or women, in particular, running the world. Our first women role models have always been our mothers, grandmothers, aunts, or sisters. What a world it would be to see people being led in love, with education and innovation and thriving at the forefront of the agenda.

So, will we ever be able to run the world?

Women of Colors in Politics
In 2016, when women of colors knew what was at stake, they mobilized and ran for office in record-breaking numbers in 2018, from congress to all levels of the government. This record was also broken in 2020 when even more women of color ran for seats in the government in order to be a representative of their community.

This number will still increase, seeing as various studies have pointed to the benefits of women of color leading their communities, from prioritizing different areas in policymaking and recognizing that each area will interact to actually representing and being attuned to the needs of the marginalized community that needs a voice for their plight.

In 2020, we made history by having the first black and south Asian woman to have the second-highest seat in the country, with Kamala Harris as the vice president of this country. History was made again this year with Ketanji Brown, the first black woman to have a seat on the highest court in the country.  
In time, these history-making achievements will snowball and give hope to little girls of color wanting to make changes in their communities.

Women of Colors in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics
The most common false narrative regarding women in STEM, particularly women of color in STEM, is that they are newcomers to this industry, which is simply not the case. There is also a case of being allowed to participate in STEM when women of color made the opportunity for themselves and other women of color to follow suit. 

Although there are still obstacles for women and girls of color today, the number is steadily rising. They need to know that there are women who look like them joining the ranks of a traditionally men's game; girls of color will be encouraged to pursue this career that drives innovation, sustainability, and ease in everyone's life. 

Historically, there are many women of color who excelled in STEM, and many of us must be educated on every one of them and their contributions so that we can have someone to emulate.

If you are a mom, these are women that your children, little girls, and boys of color could aspire to be.

Women of Colors in the Music Industry

Women of color, particularly black females, have always been tastemakers that influenced a number of genres and are known to break sales of records with their hit-charting songs. Nicki Minaj broke Aretha Franklin's record of having the most hits on the charts in the past couple of years.

Other than the rapstress herself, many other women of color had made history with their music and the accolades that came with them, from Beyonce winning the most Grammys in the award show's history to Maria Anderson being the first black woman to sing opera in the Metropolitan Opera in 1955.

Although there are many renowned women of color musical artists in the music industry today, there is a lack of them in the background in the fields of producing, engineering, songwriting, and many other parts behind the scenes in making the biggest hits we hear almost every day. 

The thing we can do to solve this problem is to encourage the little ones to be musical. It will open doors for them in the future, but they will also gain confidence from it, and a music career will be possible for them in the future. 

Women of Colors in Film and Television

In recent years, television and film have given rise to characters of women of color being portrayed and depicted as someone working in many STEM professions and as leaders. Although problems in colorism still exist where most women of color have light to medium skin tones, there is progress with Black characters showing their natural hair and other black hairstyles. 

This is looked at in a positive light since black girls and women feel the immense social pressure of opting to straighten their hair. 

Women of color are now being recognized for their talents and contribution to Hollywood, but there needs to be more representation and recognition. Viola Davis, in 2015 was the first black woman to win an Emmy for outstanding lead actress in her role as the powerful, suit-wearing criminal attorney Annaliese Keating. 

Same as Chloe Zhao, the first Asian woman to have ever won the Oscar for best director. Seeing people who look like them in the prime of their acting or directing careers being celebrated, many girls will also be encouraged to forge the same paths. 

Women of Colors in the Fashion Industry
Trendiness has always been synonymous with American women wearing everything from the 20s flapper dresses to the 70s bell-bottom jeans, but where are the women of colors in the history of fashion? Recent years have given light to the ways that women of color are the fashion icon we are, from Josephine Baker to Anna May Wong to Grace Jones to Iman to Naomi Campbell and Zendaya. 

The rich African-American, Asian, African, and Latin culture and history have always been an inspiration in the world of high fashion, from the runways of Paris with the multicolored prints and golden accessories to the MET gala theme honoring the Chinese in China: Through the Looking Glass. The western has always had a love affair and drew inspiration from our vast and colorful culture, and we will continue to do so. 

From Elizabeth Keckley, who sewed dresses for Mary Todd Lincoln, to Aurora James, who designed Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's dress for the MET Gala, women of color will always be a player in the design and fashion game. 
Let's not forget our always fashionable mothers and grandmothers! 

Women of Colors in Arts and Culture

Another medium of expression that women, and most especially women of color, have always been hard to enter is the realm of arts which has historically been a white man's game. However, although it is still a long process, more women of color are now recognized for their contributions and what they can give to fine arts. 
These artists are like Kara Walker with her outstanding silhouette arts or Agusta Savage with her sculptures. There are also Latina artists like the late Frida Kahlo and others, and Asian artists like the renowned contemporary artist Yayoi Kusama with her modern installations. 

Women artists of color will continue to thrive as long as we encourage them and give them our support because they are sure to inspire another generation behind them.

Women of Colors in the Literary Arts
One of the vital mediums of a culture that could be stronger than any war is waged in written words and literature. Written words have that power, and women of colors have always been fighting the standards of society, the sexism, and the stigmas to make their mark against their other counterparts. 
Each woman writer or color writer has always carved her time in her words and speaks to the future no matter how many years it will take before we are able to read their stories. These writers are Maya Angelou, Isabel Allende, Angela Davis, Jung Chang, and many others before and preceding them.

Women of Colors in Business and Entrepreneurship

Women in business are still a tiny demographic, and more so are women of color business. It's sometimes hard to imagine the many possibilities for women of color, especially if most success stories are always about men in business, so it's essential to get inspired by the many women who succeed in this realm. 

A model of a woman of color who made strides in the realm of entrepreneurship is Madam C.J. Walker, who is a daughter of both enslaved people but went on to make her mark by becoming the first black woman millionaire. 

This is our personal goal in Boss Chick Life, to inspire and empower all women of colors and girl bosses out there to stand a little straighter and walk a little taller by being confident in the way they are dressing up day by day. 
A great outfit can make you confident, and we are here to help with that! 

Final Thoughts
Women of colors have always been celebrated, but in order for us to rule the world in love, more representations are needed so that we are still able to inspire younger generations before us to inspire for greatness. And you, it is not too late to go after what you want, find your tribe, and do your best because there is always strength in numbers.

What do you think about these women of colors? Tell us in the comments.
Author bio: Nikki is a fashion enthusiast and loves things about clothing, style, and fashion in general. She loves writing about the latest fashion trends and updates that everyone must know.

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