Welcome to Boss Chick Life Influencer Program

Boss Chick Life is seeking Influencers to join our Influencer Network –#BossEGage! If you love social media as much as we do, and have a strong social media presence, you’re in the right place

Collab With Us Boss Chick Life offers a unique shopping experience that lets women explore their bossy side, feel liberated, and bossed up.

We at Boss Chick Life believe that Boss Chick’s are
-Females that are the strength of family
-Budding entrepreneurs
-Go getters
-Women with swag and style

Boss Chicks ALWAYS OWN IT and make things happen. They wear the latest fashion and know how to turn the impossible into possible.

Why Boss Chick Life?
Boss Chick Life brings you the latest bossy products, from bling hats to fashion accessories and more. We love to have contests and giveaways for our customers.