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Boss Chick Life is seeking Influencers to join our Influencer Network –#BossDoll! If you love social media as much as we do, and have a strong social media presence, you’re in the right place


We began this movement to inspire Women of Color to love themselves, have high self esteem and embrace, their own beauty in every decade of their lives.

To date, thousands of women have joined our Boss Chick Life community, and become a part of this Brown Movement of sophistication and class. Every day, this community of sassy sophisticated women continues to grow—and inspires women to love and embrace themselves by carrying themselves in the highest esteem, no matter what hand life may have dealt us.

To our Boss Chick Life community, high self-esteem is something to embrace. It’s not something to have "sometimes" or "when you feel like it," but something to take pride in, to do always, and pass on down to your children. Some of us have been through a lot, but we can make that change for the better:

It starts with the way you look and feel about yourself

It starts with fashion

We invite you to join us.

If you meet our criteria, we would love for you to do an Unboxing Video..Please fill out the form. If there seems to be a mutual fit, we would love for you to join our affiliate program. You'll receive a percentage of each sale.

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